The New York Breastfeeding Support & Knowledge you need is here!

Congratulations! You’re a mom! This is an extraordinary aspect of your life and your little one’s life. This unprecedented life chapter is one that can sometimes generate bittersweet feelings. Breastfeeding is natural. However, it doesn’t always come naturally. New motherhood can have days, or hours, of darkness and lightness, of despair and juxtaposed with joy and hope.

I endeavor to empower women to find their success with this unique relationship. This precious experience will positively impact you and your little one. I encourage you to listen to your head, heart, and gut instincts. Reaching out for help at any juncture during this time can be beneficial to you, your little one, and your family. This step has an impact which lasts for a lifetime and it impacts the larger community.

I look forward to traveling with you. Welcome to the journey of motherhood and breastfeeding!

Some of the reasons women are drawn to have a breastfeeding consultation with me include…

Breastfeeding concerns relating more directly to the mother:

  • Sore nipples or other pain
  • Supply concerns
  • Emotional needs
  • Anticipating a transition back to work
  • New mom support and coaching

Breastfeeding concerns relating more directly to the nursling:

  • Slow or low weight gain of baby
  • Latch issues or other feeding concerns
  • Fussy or colic-y
  • Weaning support and information
  • Exhibiting a nursing “strike,” or a lack of interest in nursing
  • Allergies

Depending on your specific breastfeeding situation, we may address breastfeeding topics including:

  • What are useful latch and positioning methods?
  • What feeding frequency is right for my baby?
  • What are the best times to feed my baby?
  • How can I tell when the baby is communicating an urge to nurse?
  • How can I tell when my baby is getting enough?
  • Is my milk supply appropriate for my baby?
  • Should I use one breast or both during a feeding?
  • What about pumping? What about storage of breastmilk?
  • What kind of diet works with breastfeeding?
  • Can I take medications while breastfeeding?
  • Where should my baby sleep?
  • Does sleep training work?
  • Should I swaddle my baby?
  • When should I introduce solids?
  • What about weaning?
  • What am I to do with people who offer unsolicited opinions and advice?

At your consult, I may:

  • Listen to your story
  • Observe a feeding
  • Switch baby’s mouth and your breasts
  • Examine your little one’s mouth
  • Examine your breasts
  • Do pre- and post-feed weight checks with my digital scale
  • Show safe positions of breastfeeding, including sitting, lying, and while “wearing” your little one
  • Help you define your breastfeeding success
  • Answer your questions/ concerns

I have been active in the breastfeeding world for nearly 25 years. I provide mothers and babies with in-home consultations in Manhattan. Consults last 1½ – 2 hours. Follow-up care by phone, email, and text is an important aspect of the experience. Follow-on care can be helpful, as well. Additionally, I run groups and clinics centered on breastfeeding which are helpful before the baby is born, as well as after the birth. I earned my Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy at the Boston School of Occupational Therapy in Tufts University; I am a La Leche League Leader.